Friday, June 4, 2010

Uggh...Jet Lag

Boy oh boy, I am sure glad to be in Edmonton. I had a great time in London on Monday, but I had the worst flight from Gatwick to Edmonton the next day. Boarding was delayed by an hour because the custodians were late showing up to clean the plane. Once we finally boarded, the pilot got our spirits up by letting us know that an increased tail wind was going to allow us to get in on time before informing us that the in-flight entertainment system was on the fritz. Eight and a half hours without movies, music or television; it was brutal. They didn’t even have the little diagram showing you the progress of the airplane along its trajectory. On top of that, the airline food was even more appalling than usual. But who cares right? I’m in Canada now and that’s all that matters. I took over 400 photos while in London, so I will start trying to get some of those posted today.

Since arriving in Edmonton, I have been trying to sort out an appropriate sleep schedule. I am going to Yellowknife on June 8th to help a friend with his business and am going to need to be working nights for that. I thought somehow it would be easy for me to arrive in Edmonton and start sleeping through the day, but it doesn’t seem to be working out that way. Em and I were hoping to do some cooking and baking while I am here. I wanted to prepare some Burek and other Croatian dishes for her and Greg and she was hoping to bake some rhubarb pies. As it is though, the flu seems to be going around here so I am hoping that doesn’t put a damper on our plans. Today we are going to go out and hit up West Edmonton Mall and some other small shops around the city. I’m looking forward to a little shopping therapy.

More soon...I promise...


  1. More soon...I promise... yeah yeah

  2. I can't imagine an overseas flight with no tv! Glad to hear you made it safely though.